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Tax reporting

Generate FATCA and OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR DAC6), Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) tax reports within ONE platform in XML format with our multi-jurisdictions Tax Reporting software for submission to the Competent Authorities.

Discover our tax reporting solution

One single database and ecosystem for all tax regulations

Review tax data: accounts’ holders, TIN etc.

Import and export various files formats: .xml, .csv, .xslx

Analyze cross-border arrangements

Generate XML reports for submission

Easily manage authorities feedback

SFDR reporting

The time to prepare for the SFDR is now

Discover our SFDR reporting solution

Regsquare Factory is an in-house platform leveraging advanced analytics developed on years to cover AIFMD, PRIIPs, UCITs and now SFDR.

Regsquare Factory enables you immediately:
To generate target SFDR reporting template, (annex 1, annex IV and annex V)
To review and amend your metrics and narratives to complete your reporting templates
To access to the key reported metrics with their required documentation (used standards and data sources)
To overview and amend the proposed Compliance of your investment metrics with the respective DNSH criteria.
To check the substantial contributions of your investments the environmentally sustainable activities defined by the EU taxonomy.

The reported data is performed at the portfolio level and aggregated at the firm level.

Investor reporting

PRIIPS KID, UCITS KIID, EPT, EMT, Solvency II, Transaction Cost Computation (TCC)

Discover our RegSquare Factory solution

Computation of Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI)
Computation of Past Performances
Create layout and texts in different languages
Disseminate the created documents


Computation of Synthetic Risk Indicator (SRI)
Create layouts and texts in different languages
Computation of Performance Scenarios and Reduction in Yield (RIY)
Computation of Transaction Cost Computation (TCC)
Produce the EPT & EMT (including TCC) for the european regulator
Disseminate the created documents

Solvency II Tripartite Template

Computation of each type of Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)
Computation of the Complementary Identification Code (CIC code)
Computation of Credit Quality Step (CQS)

Create or import the required static market data
Generate the XML for submission to the relevant authorities
Dedicated dashboard to monitor your tasks and reports

Professional reporting


Discover our professional reporting solution
Annex IV (AIFMD):

The platform enables to manage the full lifecycle of Annex IV (AIFMD) reporting:
Import data (positions, transactions, …) from various sources and formats,
Import the required dynamic and static market data,
Compute the various required assets classifications,
Compute the required stress tests and market risk indicators,
Compute gross and net leverages,
Compute the funds liquidity based on different approaches,
Transform the data into XML format for submission to the relevant authorities,
Validate the generated XML files,
Generate the XML files for submission to the relevant authorities,
Generate the XML files content in Excel & PDF formats for communication.

MiFID 2 - Post-Trade Transaction Reporting:

The platform enables to manage MiFID 2 transactions reporting:
Import daily transactions from various sources,
Create or import the required static market data,
Create or import lists of clients, traders and validators,
Generate daily MiFID 2 XML report,
Transform the data into XML for submission to the relevant authorities,
Validate the generated XML files,
Generate the XML for submission to the relevant authorities,
Follow-up of the rejected and pending transactions.

Advisory services

Beyond the RegSquare software services, our team is constantly on the edge of the latest regulations and regulatory requirements for various jurisdictions.
Our professionals can assist you with your regulatory watch, as well as your compliance check.

Contact us for more information regarding our scope of action.

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