Regsquare factory is an in-house platform leveraging advanced analytics developed on years to cover AIFMD, PRIIPs, UCITs and now SFDR.

Regsquare implemented the different pieces of EU SFDR approach in one platform so that you can: Assess your investments alignment with Global norms on environmental protection and Human rights, labour standards, anti-corruption Access to the different used screening criteria: inclusion/exclusion investees’ lists and green assets. Compare the main metrics of investments performance to a chosen benchmark.


With the latest regulations & directives (constantly on the edge of National Competent Authorities requirements: ESMA, OECD, SEC, AMF, FCA…)


Custom mapping and access Edit and correct all data at any stage of the process


Secured platform and access, automatic data consistency check in line with regulations

Highly Scalable

Thousands of transaction processed within minutes



Manual or Automatic data import
Automatic data check before the upload of the imported data
Monitoring of the imported data

check data

Data check

Automatic data check
In case of incomplete data or discrepancy, Access and edit at any step of the process



Monitor the computation
Follow the generation of the reports
Access the results of the generated reports